Street find entryway table gets a transformation

Street find entryway table gets a transformation

I love walking into homes and seeing how the entryway is decorated.  To me, your entryway should “pop.”  It should make you stop and say “wow.”

There are many ways of making your entryway stand out, and one way is to change up your furniture.  Our previous hallway table was beautiful but very antique looking.  It was a piece of furniture that you would see in a stately elderly person’s home.  It did not fit our style, and was, dated.  It definitely did not make the entryway “pop.”  Instead it had the reverse effect.


Here’s the previous entryway table.

Antique entryway table.
Lovely but dated














entrywall, accent wall, before











My husband stumbled across this amazing street find.  He walked in the door, told me what he saw in our neighbourhood, and I immediately made him take the van to pick it up.

When he brought it into the house, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I was grateful to whoever left this beautiful piece of wood furniture out on their front lawn for FREE. I immediately had great plans for this furniture as I was in the middle of decorating our entryway for the One Room Challenge of Linda’s website Calling It Home.


street find, front entrance makeover











After taking the hardware off, I painted the table with a high gloss latex black paint.  Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the process.  I used a lint free roller for the big surfaces and sponge brush for painting for those harder to reach places.

After two coats of the high gloss latex, using a sponge brush, I brushed on one coat of Miniwax Classic Black stain and hand wiped on a coat of Miniwax pasting wax for protection.  I over did the wax a bit because I knew it would be a collection area for coins and keys.

Black high gloss entry table

















I liked the simplicity of the shape of the knobs, but not the silver color.  So I transformed them with a couple of coats of Rustoleum pure gold.


Entryway Makeover

Entryway Makeover


Not bad for a street find!


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