Master Bedroom Makeover – Take 2

Master Bedroom Makeover – Take 2

One Room Challenge – Week 1

Last fall 2015, I was roaming around blogland and stumbled across Linda from Calling It Home who hosts bi-annually and amazing 6-week One Room Challenge where 20 Talented Designers who post their weekly progress on Wednesdays, and 150+ Designer/Bloggers (that’s me!) also participate as guest participants and we post our weekly progress on Thursdays.

Last year I discovered this amazing challenge at the halfway point, Week 3, and thought, I am woman, I can ROAR! And jumped in FEET FIRST determined to redo our Master Bedroom in a mere 3 weeks. I knew it was going to be tight but I was up for the challenge!!!  That is, until I had to admit defeat over our Nasty Popcorn Ceiling at Week 4 and switched to the Hall Entryway.


One room challenge, fall 2015, week 4











There was absolutely no way that I could finish the project in two weeks so I needed to put the project on  hold until NOW!  I’m back and determined more than ever to tackle the Master Bedroom, The NASTY popcorn ceiling AND I’m going to design & renovate our master en-suite as well!!!

So here I go again!

Take 2: Master Bedroom Makeover
Master Bedroom Makeover











This bedroom is in desperate need of a makeover.  The burgundy color has not only faded, but it’s very dated.  The popcorn ceiling is from the 80’s – it’s hard to believe that people actually paid MORE money for popcorn ceilings!

master bedroom, back wall









And the parquet floors are a shiny orange.  Not sure how they originally looked but they are definitely stuck in the 80’s.

Design board, Master Bedroom
















The dark red walls feel like they are caving in after 9 years of living sleeping in this room.  I’m ready for a light, trendy, contemporary look with a travel feel.

Master En-suite Makeover

Ensuite makeover











Converting Hall Closet 1










When was the last time you saw a yellow sink & toilet? Our Master En-suite is also stuck in the 80’s so it’s time for a makeover as well.  The current bathroom has a sink & toilet but no shower.  Potential buyers want a shower in their Master En-suite bathroom and so do we!!! So we’re going to convert the clothes closet into a shower for not only us to enjoy now, but to also add value to our home for when we’re ready to sell!

Come back next week to see the progress of this amazing six week journey!

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I’m Debi Collinson and I am a Designer.  For over 10 years I have been helping clients make their home stunning but also adding value to their home at the same time.  The results are amazing – my clients earned money for their home beyond their expectations.   

Come join me as I share my tips and secrets along the way on how you can make your home stunning  AND to make sure what you’re doing will Add Value To Your Home for when your ready to sell.


  • Avatar <cite class="fn">Marie, The Interior Frugalista</cite>

    100K over the asking price – wow!! With today’s economy, that is pretty impressive. But then, being a real estate home stager, such as yourself, I know the value of staging a home and getting top dollar. Looking forward to following the progress of this room and how you got rid of that ugly popcorn ceiling (my house is filled with them too).

    • Avatar <cite class="fn">Debi Collinson</cite>

      And to think people actually paid MORE for popcorn ceilings (lol) Week 2 will be my NO more popcorn ceiling reveal!
      Thanks for your kind words! See you Sunday @ DIY Sunday Showcase Party at The Interior Frugalista! You will like one of my posts since you were my inspiration!!!

  • Avatar <cite class="fn">Mary - The Boondocks Blog</cite>

    Debi the popcorn ceiling did y ou in last time, but I’m sure this time around you are going to send it to decorating purgatory! I will gladly follow you on your challenge and I have to say the color scheme you have chosen is so refreshing and modern. Thank you for joining us over at Sweet Inspiration.

    • Avatar <cite class="fn">Debi Collinson</cite>

      Hey Mary – good to hear from you! I did start it last ORC (good memory!) but had to bale because I wasn’t going to get in done in the time allocated. So I left it (yes my ceiling stayed like that for 6 months) and I’m tackling it this time around. It’s great to see so many other designers/bloggers in the ORC this time! Thanks for your kind words!

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