Is beige coming back? 2016 Color Trends

Is beige coming back? 2016 Color Trends

Preface:  I am NOT being compensated for this post.  Behr products are one of the paint products that I prefer and use.

Behr Color Trends 2016

I was browsing through Behr’s 2016 Color Trends as I’m trying to choose colors for our media room that I’m currently redesigning.  As I was going through the various colors and accompanying pictures, it struck me that in some of the model rooms they were displaying,  the walls were various shades of beige or tan and not the obvious stark grey that we have become used to over the past few years.

The beige or tan, Penthouse View as Behr calls it, was coupled up with grey Fifth Olive-Nue, to make an interesting combination and still using a popular grey that has dominated home décor magazines and TV shows lately.  It’s a softer grey than what is currently the trend.  It’s more of a “greige” – that beige/grey combination that combines the two colors for a softer warmer look.

I personally like the warmer colors. I wasn’t willing to commit the time & effort to paint my walls with the colder greys that have become so popular.  Consequently, my walls are in desperate need of an update so I’m secretly hoping that these new beige/greys will become the favorite.

What colors do you like for your walls?


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