How To Paint Your Brass Fireplace Screen


Fireplace Screen Makeover:  From 1980’s to Sleek & Contemporary

Giving your fireplace screen a new look is a quick and easy fix and all for the cost of a can of spray paint.  This brass screen was screaming “makeover.”

fireplace, mayvern, before










The first step was removing the screen from the fireplace.  Be careful not to “yank” it off because there are probably screws in place keeping it intact.

Next clean the screen thoroughly using T.S.P. mixed into water.  Check the package details for the ratio of T.S.P. to water.  ( I used a little less T.S.P. than the container called for but it depends on the condition of the screen.)

Lightly sanded the screen with fine (120) sandpaper to remove dirt, debris, paint, bugs ?












Now the fun part begins where you get to see the transformation.  I laid down the screen outside with a groundcloth.  (I didn’t want to paint my grass black satin.  Hard to explain to hubby.)

I lightly sprayed the first coat.  Lightly does it.  Spraying lightly avoids dripping. Can you see the difference already when I only sprayed the left side?  What a transformation a can of spray paint can have.

fireplace grill, 1st spray











I used Tremclad High Heat Enamel Black Flat spray paint from Lowe’s for about $6.

You need High Heat Enamel spray paint when spraying items that are exposed to high heat like a fireplace grill or BBQ.

Tremclad, high heat 2









I left the screen to dry for about an hour.  Then I sprayed it all over again very lightly.  I needed to come back a third time to get some spots that I had missed.  It’s better to do a couple of light coats, rather than 1 coat where the chances of the paint dripping are high.

Before I put the screen back on, I wiped the smoke off around the stone with my earlier cleaning mixture of water & T.S.P.

fireplace grill, wipe smoke off









Let’s see the before picture again for fun.

fireplace, mayvern, before









And now for the big reveal, a transformed fireplace from dated 1980’s to sleek & contemporary.

Do you like the Travertine?  We replaced the old cheap tile with new Travertine a few years ago.  The tile upgrade & labor was less than $300.  The can of spray paint was around $6. The total cost of this fireplace makeover was roughly $300.  A very inexpensive upgrade that adds incredible value to your home!

fireplace grill makeover, after 4










What do you think?  Are you inspired to replace that old tile and refresh your fireplace screen now?


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