Do you know what you’ve done to your home?

Do you know what you’ve done to your home?

A realtor went through a home recently with one of his buyers and they came across a house where the prospective seller had left information out on his kitchen table of all the work he had done on his home, including receipts & maintenance records.  The client was very impressed when he saw the information and he was much more confident when submitting an offer.

034When we are looking for a car, one of the first questions we ask is for the maintenance record.  What would you think if the owner was also able to easily access a binder with a detailed record of ALL maintenance performed on the vehicle?  He even provided you additional information of all the upgrades he had added, for example, tinted windows (invoice included), 4 new tires (copy of warranty included) etc.  I’m not trying to sell you a car – honest !  But I think you get the point.

Your home is much more valuable than a car so its even more important to keep track of its “value” by keeping a running record of everything that you have done to your home, along with a copy of receipts and warranties.  Documenting with pictures is also useful. If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to start a binder starting with the roof, and all the things you have fixed outside your home.  Don’t forget to include what you have done to your property i.e. windows, landscaping, new deck, new front steps, sprinkler system etc.  Now for the inside of your home.  Start on one floor and go through your home, floor by floor, room by room including entrances and hallways.  It may be a lot of work initially, but you will be ready down the road to show your home’s VALUE when you are ready to sell.  All the best in putting together your “Home Essential Binder.”


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