• Avatar <cite class="fn">Pamela Stewart</cite>

    Looking for a garage colour for our new house. The front door will be changed out. Thanks.l

    • Avatar <cite class="fn">Debi Collinson</cite>

      Awesome! Now is the time to do it. I hope you got a chance to read my post on the most poplar color choices for garage doors. There’s also my service if you feel stuck on picking a color. Good luck!

  • Avatar <cite class="fn">Betty Ann Palacios</cite>

    How much is your fee for suggestions on how to give my home curb appeal?
    Last year I had a new roof installed. Contractor showed me samples and i picked a shingle that was black. I had no idea it had a silver mixed in.
    My old shingle was called driftwood.
    I need ideas to tie in roof with my house or have I totally ruined my home? 🙁
    Goigle my address online to see a picture.

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