5 Most Popular Colors to paint the INSIDE of your front door

5 Most Popular Colors to paint the INSIDE of your front door

For years, we have all lived with white doors on the inside of our front door without giving it a thought.  But suddenly it has become the trend to paint the inside of your front door.

Before you buy your favorite color of paint, there are a few things you should consider:


How to choose the paint color for the inside of your door

Think about what colors are already prominent in the surrounding area.  Pick an accent color from the entryway or adjoining room if you want the door to stand out.  Choose a neutral if you still want to make a statement but not sure if you want to go too bold.

As with any painting project, buy a sample and try it on your door before you paint the entire door to see how you like it.


Here are the 5 most popular colors to paint the inside of your front door


Black is a sophisticated color and makes a bold statement.

Painting the inside of your front door black makes your space look more expensive.



This hallway is stunning with both the front door and the hallway doors painted black.


Black doors add drama and edge.



Navy or a shade of blue also gives sophistication like black does but not quite so severe.




Today’s favorite neutral, gray


Having the door, railing and accent wall all painted the same shade of gray gives this space definition and balance.





Red front doors is always a popular favorite. How about trying them on the inside for a nice change?








Aqua has become a favorite color in the past few years for furniture, walls and to paint the inside of your front door.  It’s a beautiful color and is well suited in areas that are close to water and houses in warmer climates.  Aqua doors would look great in colder climates in the summer but would look out of place in the winter.  Before before you choose this color for your door.



Aqua gives this back door a punch of color it needs.

What color are you going to choose to paint your inside door?


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