Decluttering the Dining Room!


Decluttering the Dining Room!

Today’s challenge is going through the dining room.  This may seem like an easy task but it has the potential of being an emotional journey since you’re sorting out the treasures in the china cabinet remembering that special piece of china that Grandma gave you or the casserole dish that Auntie Margaret left you in her will.  It can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster for some bringing back good memories and also some sad ones.  Throw into the mix some sibling rivalry of who gets what, and you have a good recipe for a reality TV show.

Some people can whip through the china cabinets quickly deciding what stays, what goes, who gets what.  Whereas others want to take their time.  Some people pack up the china cabinet, store the contents in a safe place and leave it for later where there is time to really go through each piece with the whole family present.  Either decision is a good choice.  There is no right or wrong here.   If you decide to tackle the cabinet today:

Answer the following questions: 

  • do you need it for staging?
  • are you taking that item it with you to your next home?

If you answered no to both of the above questions answer the following questions:

Is the item in question going to:

  1. Family or a friend
  2. A consignment shop for more expensive pieces
  3. Recycling
  4. Donations
  5. Garbage

Go through each item until you’re done!  Give yourself another pat on the back!  You did it!

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