31 Day Get Your Home Ready to Sell Challenge – Day 1

It’s Day 1 of the 31 Day Get Your Home Ready to Sell Challenge.

Today’s challenge is relatively easy.  Its just getting ready for the upcoming days.

You’re going to grab boxes from a storage or local hardware store for all that packing you’re going to do.  The liquor store has particularly strong boxes for books or delicate and fragile items.

Grab a bunch of post-it notes, markers, packing tape and plastic bags for clothes that are going to the local thrift store.

Your next job is to grab your camera or cell phone.  You’re going to take a picture of EVERY single room in the house including the basement.  Go in each room and take a picture from the door looking into the room.  Take a few pictures of different angles so you can capture every part of the room.

Next, go outside, walk across the street, and take a picture or two of of the front of your house.  Make sure you get the whole house in.  You may need to take a coupe of pictures to do this but you want these picjtures as a references.  The front of your house is your “curb appeal” and potential buyers do a “drive-by” to see if they like the neighborhood and the house.  If they don’t like what they see, they just keep on driving by.

Go to your back yard and do the same.  Take as many pictures as you need to make sure you document every part of the back yard.

Success!  Day 1 is done just like that.  Give yourself a pat on the back.



  • Avatar <cite class="fn">Clare Walker</cite>

    Hi Debi,
    As a real estate agent, I believe it is smart to always consider what color would be advantageous for resale, even if a pending listing or sale is not close. One thing I have found is when a trendy color is used, it is just that… trendy. Unless it is a smaller area, I personally believe as you noted, colors that have stood the test of time are well liked for longer time and by the masses. It seems when homeowners get regular compliments on good, well-accepted colors they enjoy their own home more and for longer times than with trendy colors.
    I am enjoying your suggestions of paint colors. We had a house fire and need to paint the interior of our Entire house.( ceilings, Walls, Trim, and Large louvred Plantation Wooden Shutters.
    I need to paint all the ceilings, and would like to hear your suggestions on that. Also we have large (3 or 4 Inch) louvred plantation shutters. Can most painters paint those to match? Thank you for your input.
    Again, Thank you for your excellent advise. Hopefully others will benefit from my questions.

    • Avatar <cite class="fn">Debi Collinson</cite>

      Hi Clare – thank you for your kind comments. Your painter should be able to match the color of your plantation shutters. Would it be possible for him to take one down and color match it at your favorite paint store? Bear in mind, pick a shutter where you really like the color. If you have shutters all around your house, they may differ slightly in color depending on how much sun that side of the house gets.

      Also with regards to the white paint colors, here are my top color picks for 2019. A couple of the whites are very popular Benjamin Moore color and suitable for ceilings as well. I hope that helps. Good luck. Debi


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