31 Day Get Your Home Ready to Sell Challenge

Last week, I did a staging consult for a lovely couple who were downsizing from their large family home.  The home had served them well for several decades but the children had moved out a long time ago, and they no longer needed all that space.  AND they no longer wanted all that upkeep either.


The challenge for most people who have lived in their home for at least 10 years or more, is that they accumulate so much!  You may have got used to all that furniture but too much furniture in a room can actually make a room look smaller than it actually is.

Part of yesterday’s challenge was to go through your home and take pictures of every single room in your house.  Now is the time to pull out the pictures and look at each room.  Do you know what furniture you will be taking with you?  One client had a big king size bed and matching furniture in a basement bedroom.  The bed & furniture was too large for the size of the room and made the room look small which it wasn’t.  They weren’t taking it with them so it was decided that the furniture would get donated to a worthy cause and the office furniture that was in the family room, would get moved to that former bedroom turned into an office.  A win/win.


Your assignment for Day 2 of the 31 Get Your House Ready to Sell Challenge is to go around your home and place a sticky note on any large furniture pieces that you won’t be taking with you when you downsize.

You really need to reasonably think of what your space is like in your new home.  If you’re downsizing, you can’t realistically take everything with you.  And of course you shouldn’t.  That’s the point in downsizing.  Furniture and unused items need to go as well.

If you’re not sure if a piece of furniture is going with you or not, use a two-colored post-it note system.  Tag furniture with one color that you know for sure won’t be going with you.  Tag questionable items with another color.  You can decide later down the road.  You also might have adult kids, neighbors or friends that might take some items off your hands.

One house I staged had 2 dining room sets and 3 large buffets.  Definitely too much furniture for the house.

Pianos are also a piece of furniture that tends to sit in a house unused once the kids have moved out and no one longer plays it.


Also tag those old university books, furniture & any items that you have been storing for your adult children.  Now is the time for them to take it off your hands or else!  Out it goes to the trash or recycling.

Don’t take furniture that you will need for staging.  For example, one house I staged, the dining room furniture had been removed so it left the dining room totally empty.  The dining room was also the first room you would see when you walked into the house so it was very noticeable.  Fortunately, the client was able to bring the dining room set back for pictures & showings until the house sold.

Once you decide to sell, it takes time to figure out how to dispose of these large pieces of furniture.  This is tomorrow’s challenge!

Happy tagging!





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