Top 5 Color Choices for Garage Doors

Top 5 Color Choices for Garage Doors

The garage door should complement your front door not compete with it. Your front door is the focus of your home, not the garage door. With the exception of custom or $1 million plus homes, most houses have the standard garage door but nevertheless, your garage door does make a statement about your house so its important how it looks because you want positive curb appeal.
White is a classic and a popular go to choice. White garage doors are bright and crisp. They can really add to your curb appeal. The downside of white is that it shows marks easier than a darker color. Something to keep in mind if you have a ball hockey player in your family.
garage door, white 2








Soft Grey
Grey has become the new netural on the decorating scene. Soft and pale, this shade has all the makings of the perfect garage door colour. It blends into the background with many brick colors and keeps the focal point on your beautiful home, front door & gardens – not the boring garage doors.

garage door, soft gray









Black or Dark Grey
Black has always been a popular color choice for garage doors. In newer housing developments, you will see deep black-blue or dark grey as the “trendier” shades to traditional “jet black.” However when choosing your color you need to take into consideration the other features of your home like the style and your brick color for example. For a contemporary look, paint your window panes the same colour. Black window trim is all the rage right now! Black is elegant and hides dirt easier than a lighter color door. The downside of black is that it can look stark if not done properly.

garage door, black goes with house








This traditional black suits the style & features of the house.  The shutters & roof pulls this house together.  The red door gives this house the punch of color it needs.  They could have gone with a brighter red, a bright yellow or trendy turquoise.  They would have all been good color choices for the front door too.


garage door, dark gray compliments house, front door could be bright








This dark grey is the perfect color choice for this house & brick color.  Black garage doors would have been too stark.


garage door, black but too dark, gray would have been better









The black garage doors are too stark.  A better choice would have been the matching “white” to blend in with the rest of the garage or match the grey of the house.  The garage doors become the focal point which should never be the case.

Beige or Taupe
Some brick colors will dictate what color your garage door should be. If you have brick in the beige/taupe family, then choosing a traditional beige or taupe will camouflage your garage and not make it the focal point that it is not meant to be.



garage door, taupe 2










Walnut Brown
If you prefer warmer tones but like the idea of a dark colour for your garage doors, deep walnut brown is a good choice for you. Walnut Brown, if done properly, can look like an expensive wood door with out the expensive price tag.


garage door, walnut brown










Designer Tip: All dark brown colors are not created equal.  Choosing the right “walnut brown” color is key.   The “right” walnut brown color can be a good imitation of a wood door as seen in the above picture.  The “wrong” or “old” dark brown color can actually date a house.  If you’re not sure, ask someone who is good with colors to help you.


Should the Front Door and the Garage Door be the same color?

Typically NO! The front door should be your focal point.  It can make a fun & bold statement. Read What Does Your Front Door Say?

garage doors, don't need to match door and garage










Your garage door does NOT need to match the front door – especially if you have a door that is a powerful color like red, yellow or blue.  Matching grey or white would be the best color choice here.


Some Do’s and Don’ts

Do – Having your garage door the same color as your house does two things. Firstly, having the garage door as the same color as the house can make your house to appear bigger. Secondly, it does not draw attention to the garage door, because after all, it IS a garage door. Paint the trim to match the garage doors to blend in. I have seen trim on the garage doors to match the trim of the house. Sometimes it looks good, alot of times its just too much.

If your home is brick, find a color that blends in with the color of the brick. This will guarantee that the garage door will “blend” with the rest of the house.

garage door, color matches the brick








Normally I wouldn’t pick “mustard” color for a garage door, but this color is the perfect match for this particular brick.  It compliments it beautifully in an elegant way.


Don’t paint your garage door an off color or two tone color. It may look cute to you, but it detracts from your curb appeal.

garage doors, too blue







Garage doors that are not typical garage door colors detract from the curb appeal.


garage door, two toned








DON’T paint your garage door two colors – it’s a very dated look.  The best color choice for this door would be a beige or taupe that coordinates with the brick.


Does this seem too overwhelming?


Check out similar house images to your house on various decor sitesto give you ideas.  Houzz & Pinterest are very popular sites with loads of great ideas.  Take a drive around your neighbourhood and upscale neighbours in your area to get ideas.  Don’t rush into a decision. Take your time so that you will be happy with it.

At the end of the day, it’s a garage door. You want it to add to your curb appeal, not detract from it. Keep in mind with all this color selection is that the main focus is on your home and the front entrance. Focus your decorating attention on your front door, front outdoor space (if you have one) flowers for your entrance way, and your garden. This is where you will make a great impression of your home.


Debi Carser is a Designer.  She renovates “fixer uppers” to flip or to rent.  She staged houses for 10 years. She has seen houses at their best and their worst. Debi passes on her knowledge to help people Add Value to their Home while making their home a stunning retreat at the same time.

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  • eric

    Does anyone have the dark grey paint code? Perfect Color I am looking for!

    • Hi Eric – I don’t have the exact color of gray but Benjamin Moore’s whale gray 2134-40, dior gray 2133-40 and wolf gray 2127-40 are all similar to the color in the picture. It’s not recommended that you choose a color from a screen as the colors are not exact. Benjamin Moore has paint chips of course to help you decided. Good luck!

  • Kristine Lavango

    Hi Debi,

    We are building a new home in Florida. The exterior stucco house color has been painted Sherwin Williams SW 9168 Elephant Ear. The shingled roof is a pewter color, which has more blue in it than we thought from the sample. We have a three car street facing garage (a two car door and a single car door). The Elephant Ear is a combination of a gray-taupe color. I thought the roof would tie in better with the exterior paint color if I painted my front glass door and the garage doors Sherwin Williams SW 7615 Sea Serpent. Many friends are telling me to leave the garage doors white and that the Sea Serpent is too dark with my Elephant Ear…but I want to do something different and tie in the roof to the house. Help! What should I do? I’m having a lot of anxiety over this issue!

    • Hi Kristine – I’m actually starting to do e-design color consults. I would be happy to help you. The “hire me” cart will be ready in a couple of weeks if you’re still interested. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Steve Bergeron

    The exterior of our house and garage is white. We will be installing new front and garage doors. We’re likely going to choose a fiberglass front door with walnunt textrue and color. We are trying to chhose a complimenting garge door color … options include a walnut stain, white or other complimenting color .. both the garage and the front door face the road. Any suggestions?

  • sue

    Hi i would like some advice on the outside of my house, i have 2 tone stucco and would like to change it. Ive changed my garage doors to a walnut oak colour and need to paint the front door now as well,
    How can i contact you to send you pictures and get some advice please ?
    thank you

  • Lee M

    Struggling with the fine details with painting my garage doors. My house is a beige tone brick/with fascia similar. Going to paint my garage doors same color. However, do I paint my garage doors trim to match that same color? Or to match the white trim around my windows? I am going to paint my front door a deeper color of the beige and same thing….do I paint the trim white to match the windows? Or do I paint the entire trim/doors the same color? Help! Thanks!

  • Frank Macchiusi

    Our house is beige/grey stone with sandalwood trip – eaves trough and window frames… and a grey roof. The front double doors have wrought iron window insert and are dark brown. The two single garage doors each have an arch above them – two and four feet high. What color would you recommend for the garage and arches? Should they match the front door? Should the arches be the same as the doors?
    Please advise…

  • debbie Mackey

    Hi Debi. I’m trying to pick windows for my pink brick house(bricks name was taupe with the builder but is a very light 90,s pink). I’m trying to decide on gentek windswept smoke or sable. When I look at sable all I see is green but windswept could be very grey. Have already paid large deposit but am stumped as to Color for 29 windows. If I did windswept would do iron oar doors and windswept garage. I like windswept Color but keep thinking sable would flow better. Help please. Debbie M

    • Hi Debbie – thanks for reading my post. I would strongly recommend that you hire a decorator to hep you pick your colors. It’s really hard to pick out colors over the internet without seeing them. Especially for something as a big ticket item as windows. Ask your friends to see if they know of someone that they have used and like. Good luck!

  • Tera

    Debie – Please help! I am just struggling with choosing a garage door color. The garage is a dark grey, along with the lower part of the house (below the roof line of a wrap around porch), then white board and batten for the rest of the home. We are adding some wood timber to the front porch with posts, and also are putting in a wood dug fir front door. For garage colors I am considering beige, dark grey (however it will not match the garage) or a dark brown. The garage door will be painted, I did consider a wood look, but it does look a little reproduced with the fake grain. Thoughts? Style of home, modern farmhouse. THANK YOU – Tera

    • Hi Tera – thank you for reading my post. You have a lot going on! Would the wood garage door match the wood timber of the front porch? To be honest I haven’t seen that look and I’m not sure it would look the best. Don’t go with beige. You would be introducing a new color scheme to your house. White would be the safest color and not make the garage stand out like a sore thumb. I would advise against a dark grey or dark brown- again it doesn’t co-ordinate with anything else and would stick out. These are my thoughts without seeing a picture. I hope that helps.

  • Tamara

    Hi. I am having new siding and a new roof put on my home. I have white garage doors with white,capping. I am changing the capping around all windows to a light beige. Can’t decide if I should make the capping around the garage the same. Not sure if that would look good or should I keep it white. Please help!

    • Hi Tamara – thanks for reading my blog. I would definitely keep the capping around the garage door in white. Capping it would make the garage door stand out in a negative way. Just curious as to why you picked a light beige for the capping color. Is it pulling from a color in your brick? The trend today for capping windows tends to be darker light a dark taupe, a darker gray or black. Of course, the darker capping trend may not apply in your geographical area depending on where you live. Especially if you’re live in a warmer climate. I hope that helps.

  • Brittney R

    Hi. I have a white traditional style home. Shutters are black, windows and trims are white, and front door black like the shutters. The garage doors are in the back showing from the backyard and not the front of the house. Would white garage doors be too much white or would black be too much for the eye?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi -its difficult to say without a photo but it depends on the look that you want. White garage doors will definitely blend in and not make any kind of statement. Will it look too white? It depends on the size of your house, landscaping etc. A black garagae door would make a statement and make it stand out. It would be alot of black with the garage door, shutters and front door. If you go with a black garage door, I would suggest painting the front door a different color to make it pop and to add interest to the curb appeal of your house. Here’s my post on popular front doors. Enjoy!

  • Brilliant palettes Debi, I must say that for me gray hues remain key, really grounds everything in elegance beautifully !

  • mark Hondru

    Bought a mountain home recently that is a dark cedar. We replaced the current outdated brown plain garage doors with a country style mahogany with wood grain look. It blends in too much with the house siding. I can send you a pic if you would like.

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