Painting My Front Door Teal

Painting My Front Door Teal

We moved to a newer house in the spring and we are slowing making it feel like our own.  The brown front door is a classic but frankly I find it quite boring.  Boring brown is the color name that I gave the door.

Dark brown is a safe and conservative color for a front door but who wants to be safe when it comes to a front door?  After all, it’s just paint! It’s not forever.


I knew that boring brown had to go but wasn’t sure which color to go with. The brick color is an orange brown color so a similar color would like copper or burnt orange would look nice.  But on the other hand, the opposite of orange on the color wheel is blue so some shade of blue against the orange would really pop!

So I asked social media which color should I go with…..















A shade of blue?  I was personally favoring the teal blue that I used for our patio set earlier this summer.  It was a nice deep teal, powerful enough to pop against the orange but dark enough that it wouldn’t look silly in snow.  Lighter shades of blue definitely look better in warmer climates!  But I was concerned that a teal blue might be too bold!!!  We would be the boldest door in the neighborhood!


orange door


















Another favorite for me was copper. The copper door looks very nice against the brick – powerful yet elegant.

So the winner in the social media poll was…….the teal blue by far. Copper only got a handful of votes.  I also asked a couple of neighbors what they thought and they voted for teal blue.  So I got my confidence up and painted it bold blue teal!






















We are officially the boldest door in the neighborhood! I opted only to paint the door and not the sidelights.  It’s a current trend to have the door one color and the sidelights a different color.  An entire teal door would be TOO MUCH TEAL!!! Even for me (lol)





















Once the door was painted, the brown on the overhang really stuck out like a sore thumb so Mr. Add Value painted it the same color as the rest of the overhang.
















Painting over the overhang from dark brown to a cream makes such a difference.  It was detracting attention from the front door – the focal point.






















So are you feeling bold enough to paint your front door a bold color?


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