How to Decorate with 2018 Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

Pantone, world’s leading think tank of color – yes this actually exists, came out with their traditional Pantone color of the year where fashion designers and interior Image result for ultravioletdesigners look to see what their color of inspiration will be for this upcoming year.  A couple of years ago, they surprised everyone with having a shade of white as their “Color of the Year” but this years supercedes all the other years without questions.  Purple.  Ultra Violet to be exact.  But it’s the type of purple you see when you walk into a girls clothing store full of two colors: pink and this purple.  In fact, if you google ultra violet bedrooms, girls’ bedrooms pop up because they are the ones who are using this color to decorate with.

This particular shade of purple will definitely be used in the fashion industry since its a welcoming change in color than what we’ve since in that industry for the past several years.

But how is Ultra Violet going to be used in the home decor industry?

There are two obvious ways that  Ultra Violet can be used:

1.  Wall Color

If you’re bold enough, ultra voilet can be stunning as an accent color on a dining or living room wall, or an entire bathroom.  You can break color rules in bathrooms and make fun bold statements there.  Also ultra violet is very popular in girls’ rooms of course, but we already knew that!


Photo: Elle Dccoration

Bathroom decor ideas: purple paint and chandelier

Source: Unknown.  Who designed this stunning bathroom?

2.  Furniture & Accessories

But painting walls can be a huge commitment for most of us.  Especially those who like more muted colors on their walls.  The next best option is to use ultra voilet in accessories such as pillows, bedding, table accessories, rugs or artwork.  Once the style changes, you can easily change out these pieces for a small amount of money.


Photo: Country Living U.K.


Image result for ultra violet bedrooms

Photo:  Linda Merrill

Another option to use this year’s Pantone color of the year is through furniture.  It is more of a financial commitment than pillows & accessories but it can make such a fun and bold statement.

Image result for ultraviolet in living rooms

Photo: Achica


Purple Chairs

Photo: Furniture Choice

These stunning dining room chairs look so sleek against the gray & white.


Image result for ultraviolet in living rooms

Photo: Bed, Bath & Beyond

Definitely a bold choice paring ultra violet & pink.  Switching out the pink curtains to gray, would make this room so elegant & sophisticated.

Are you now game to try adding some Ultra Violet to your rooms?



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