Guest Posts

We LOVE Guests Posts!

We do accept guests posts!  In order for a post to be accepted, it must not be similar to a post that is already on the blog.

The post needs to be appealing to our target audience and fall into one of the following categories all related to home design, home decor and/or adding value to a home:

  1. Room Makeovers
  2. Design Ideas To Make Your Home Stunning
  3. Paint Color Ideas
  4. How To Add Value To Your Home
  5. Getting Your House Ready To Sell
  6. Curb Appeal & Outdoor Spaces
  7. How To Make Money In Real Estate – Your Personal Experience

The post needs to have clear and complete details of the project or room makeover including clear and appropriate pictures.  Pictures need to be your own.

We do not accept guests posts that are promoting a company, or are promoting a product where you accept compensation of any kind.

Your article must NOT include any affiliate advertising or links back to other sites.  The only link back would be to your own website.  If it is discovered that your guest post does contain affiliate advertising, links to promote a product, or promoting your own products, the guest post will be deleted from our site.

There are two ways to be featured:

  1. Rewrite and submit a previously-published post to be featured (in full) by Add Value To Your Home.  We may edit slightly, but your full post will be used.
  2. Write a guest post, specifically for Add Value To Your Home, that will not be submitted for publication anywhere else.

Please submit your post using our contact form and we will get back to you!



Thank you for considering us!

Debi Carser