Downsizing Seniors

Downsizing Seniors & Modifying Seniors Homes to Stay-Debi Carser-Add Value To Your Home

Downsizing Seniors

Approximately 10,000 baby boomers are retiring EVERY day. The average life expectancy in North America is 81 years old! Seniors are healthier and living longer than previous generations.

As we become an aging population, we need to make difficult decisions for ourselves or our loved ones.  Should we/they move into a retirement lifestyle or live at home with modifications to your/their home. At Debi Carser Designs we can help you with either decision you make.


During the process, we will work with you and/or your adult children to get to know you to help you decide what you want and need to take with you.  This process can be daunting and overwhelming, especially if you have lived in your home for a long time.  The basement has become storage for yourself & your adult children.  Bedrooms that are no longer used have become storage rooms.
With our years of experience of decluttering, downsizing & staging, we will alleviate the stress and work with you every step along the way.


We will help you plan what you need for staging and what furniture & items can be removed right away before the staging begins.

We can arrange for unwanted items to be donated, sold on consignment or be disposed of.
Downsizing Services - Debi Carser Designs


Getting your home ready to move and sell is an overwhelming process for most of us. What to take?  What to give away?  How do you dispose of years of “stuff” that you accumulated over the years.  We can help you with every step of the way. We will work with you on a one-on-one basis to help you decide what to keep, what to sell or give away.  We can make arrangements to dispose of items that you don’t want or need through donating them, through consignment shops, and or estate and antique specialists.

After:  Decluttered, Renovated & Staged!













Staging Your Home to Get You Top Dollar














90% of potential buyers look at photos online first to see if they want
to look at your home in person or not.  Therefore first impressions are critical to attract as many buyers possible to view your home.  We have been preparing & staging homes for over 12 years helping our clients make money beyond their expectations.

Project Management


For alot of seniors, their home is their biggest asset and they need top dollar for their home in order to retire comfortably.  We will make recommendations on what your home needs to get top dollar and with your approval, we can oversee painting or repairs that we recommend that your home needs.  We will help you declutter, pack up or donate belongings not needed for the staging of your home.

We will then stage your home to make it stunning and desirable to potential buyers. We can also arrange for professional cleaners to make your home shine.

Content Sale

Do you have alot of treasured items that you won’t be taking with you to your new home? We can help you with that!  We can arrange for an estate sale to maximize your profits on furniture & items that will not be moving with you.  Or we can take your treasured items to a consignment shop for you.

Let Us Move You

Moving is one of the top 10 stresses in life.  We can take care of everything for your move so you can just sit back and relax.   We can provide all the boxes and packing materials, arrange for movers, and reserve elevators if required. We will arrange for for reliable & dependable movers from our preferred list of movers. We will co-ordinate every aspect of the move.

On moving day, we will oversee the move and make sure that everything is unpacked and set up in your new home including making your bed.  We will take care of and remove any remaining items at your old home that were not moved to your new home.

We will be there on moving day to direct movers and set up your new home including making the bed!  We will also set up your electronics so all you need to do is move in and relax.

We can also help you arrange for your utilities to be disconnected in your home and set up in your new home if required.

Space Planning, Design & Set-up of Your new home

Working with you, we will help you decide what are appropriate pieces of furniture and accessories you will need in your new home and develop a floor plan for the movers for your new space.  We will measure your current furniture and create a floor plan that will enable you to settle in quickly and live comfortably in your new space.

Often when downsizing, our furniture from our big house may not be appropriate for a smaller space like a condo.  We will design your new space and with your approval, shop for items that will fit into your new home.

I will pass on my trade rates to you for you to receive stores’s best price possibles. 

Do You Want to Stay in your Home?

Are you not sure if you want to move, but maybe want to stay in your home with the proper accommodations?  

Click here to check out our Aging In Place Services.


Home Clear Out

There are some situations where a home needs to be totally cleared out quickly.  We can take care of that and have a team of people that will get a home cleared out quickly. We will take care of the whole process including sorting through items to be shipped to family.  We will remove and recycle any remaining items. We can also arrange shipping to other members of the family around the world.
Whether you are a home owner, real estate agent or an executor, we can provide the perfect service for you during this whole process.
Please note:  We do NOT apply mark-ups on other vendor services that are arranged on behalf of our clients.  

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