Debi, nice smile, top body shotMost people feel overwhelmed at  picking furniture that will work for their space, choosing accessories or picking paint colours.  What intimidates most people , I consider to be so much fun — designing a space, choosing the right finishes, and picking the perfect colours.   A lot of people go to yoga to relax, I go to furniture & fabric stores or check out Pinterest to see the latest styles that have just come out.  Some people think I have the hardest job in the world.  I think I have the best job in the world.  I get paid for doing what I love.  Creating great spaces for people to live, love, and enjoy!

Debi Carser


Design Consult (aka Pick my Brain)Design board, Master Bedroom

This is for clients who want an opportunity to discuss new and exciting design ideas for your space or to solve a problem that you are experiencing in your home. You can ask questions and receive guidance regarding furniture layout, colour schemes, paint colours, tile selection, suggestions for furniture, shopping for furniture and/or accessories etc. I can also do a design board and/or floor plan upon request.  I can do as much or as little as you like.  It’s your choice!


Design A Room Beach House rental. Complete renovation
Complete Beach House renovation.

As we go through different stages in our life, working from home, having a baby, children moving out, a parent coming to live with us, or we’re just bored of our space and need a different look  ….. the needs of our rooms change.

After discussing your needs, wants and desires, I will reinvent your space from top-to-bottom. This includes a design board, floor plan, sourcing, purchase and delivery of furniture, accessories and window treatments. I will arrange for all the work to be done and you don’t need to lift a finger !


Color Consult

People find choosing colors for their interior or exterior one of the most

Abalone by Benjamin Moore. 2108-60
Abalone by Benjamin Moore. 2108-60
Rever Pewter by Benjamin Moore, HC-172
Rever Pewter by Benjamin Moore, HC-172

difficult tasks their is.  How can there possibly be 50 shades of gray or white or whatever the color you’re considering.  Choosing the right color will make your home feel totally comfortable.  However, your home will never feel quite right with the wrong color.  I can help you pick the best color (s) for your home.



Are you getting tired of how your place looks but don’t have the budget for an entire DIY canvas art, AddValueToYourHome.caroom design?  Let me redesign your space.  I will meet with you and discuss what you like and don’t like about a room(s) and what you want to see different.  My team & I will go in and change the room to suit your needs all by shopping INSIDE your house.  That’s right.   We will use the items in your own home to redesign the room or rooms of your choice.  You will be AMAZED at the results.  We may give you a few suggestions of items that you may want to eventually obtain along the way.


Add Value To Your Home Consultgreen dollar sign, front cover

Are you thinking of selling your home within the next 2 – 3 years?  You want to do some renovations but you’re not sure what renovations will reap you the most dollars for your home?  I will come in and go through your home from top to bottom.  We will look at what current homes of your equivalent value are going for in your neighborhood.  I will then go over our report with you of what renovations and/or upgrades we feel will give you the most money for your home.  I can save you hundreds perhaps thousands of unnecessary dollars with my report prioritizing what’s important to do and not to do to your house. AND when you’re finished, with my recommendations, you will increase the value of your home.



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