Aging In Place

Aging in Place


Aging In Place

Approximately 10,000 baby boomers are retiring EVERY day.  The average life expectancy in North America is 81 years old!  Seniors are healthier and living longer than previous generations.

As we become an aging population, we need to make difficult decisions for ourselves or our loved ones.  Should we/they move into a retirement lifestyle or live at home with modifications to your/their home. At Debi Carser Designs, we can help you with either decision you make.

Aging In Place

More and more seniors want to stay in their home.  They are comfortable with their neighborhood, they have lived in the same neighborhood for years, they are comftabe with their neighbourhood, they know and love their neighbors, and they enjoying walking to the corner store to get a few grocery items and say hi to their neighbors.  Moving a senior, can be disruptive to their entire routine and cause them unnecessary stress.

As a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) we will set up an appointment with you and go over your requirements and make recommendations as to how to modify your home to make sure that your home will allow you to live in it safely, independently and comfortably. We will walk through the rooms in your home, with your needs in mind analyze what modifications need to be done. After we come up with recommendations, and have your approval, we will oversee the management of getting those recommendations in place whether its grab bars for your shower & toilet area or designing a new shower to accommodate a wheel chair or make lighting recommendations to help you see better in your home, we can completely take care of all the arrangements so the only arrangement you need to do is to invite your friends over to show off your new space.

Do you think you may want to downsize to a smaller space? 

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