3 Tips to Decorate Your Home for Christmas when you’re selling your House

3 Tips to Decorate Your Home for Christmas when You’re Selling your House

You’re selling your home over the Christmas holidays, your house is staged and looks amazing but you’re not sure if you should add some Christmas or holidays decorations to the house or not.  On one hand, the house will look more festive, especially since everyone, houses, stores, offices etc now decorate for the holidays.  Without ANY holiday decorations, the house looks stark.  But on the other hand, will it turn people off?

The same rules for staging your house applies to decorating your home for the holidays when you’re selling your house.

1. Keep the Decorations Simple

Debi-Carser-Designs Whether you’re decorating the front for curb appeal with a wreath or an urn, or decorating the inside mantle, an entry table, a coffee table or putting up a Christmas tree, the decorations need to be simple, not too fancy or ornate, festive and appropriate to the style of your home.











Urn from Pickering College

Imperial Pine Wreath

A contemporary mantel decoration by Wayfair


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Visit my friend Pam’s Blog House of Hawthorne’s to read the tutorial on how to make this pretty planter.  This planter would definitely add to your curb appeal.


Very simple but effective decorative mantel.  Via HomeDecorating.com

Great curb appeal: This beautiful red wreath pops against the black door. Source: unknown.

Beautiful Urn by Your Space By Design

$90 BUY NOW This Christmas wreath from Pier 1 radiates holiday joy. Adorned with red ornaments and a mix of faux greenery, it displays a fabulously festive look. More: The Best Artificial Christmas Trees to Keep the Needles Off Your Carpet

Beautiful traditional wreath from  Pier 1 Imports

Spruce Entrance Green Artificial Christmas Tree with 150 Pre-Lit Clear Lights with Urn Base

Simple but elegant tree from Wayfair

Put up an appropriate size tree for in your living space.  Make sure the tree is not to big.  It may be smaller than the one you typical have.  This is not the time to have an oversized tree that is going to dominate the room and make the space appear small.

  Yule Tide Wreath

Holiday mantel from Pottery Barn


















Simple but festive decoration for a coffee table or entryway table.

2. Keep It Neutral

Do you remember when you staged your house that you had to remove all personal and religious items?  The same rule applies for holiday decorations.  Keep the decorations neutral.  All decorations regardless if its the mantelpiece, the urn at the front door or the Christmas tree, there can’t be any family or religious decorations.  That includes Johnny’s first hand-made Christmas ornament when he was five years old. That needs to be tucked away.

Designer Tip:  A good rule of thumb to follow is would your holiday decorations fit into a store or office environment?  They keep their decorations very festive, very neutral and very contemporary so that they will appeal to 80 – 90% of the population.  Just like the goal is with staging your home.  If the answer is no, then you need to go back and change the decorations until your answer becomes yes.

This living room above is very cozy and would make anyone feel at home, but the goal with staging your house is to remove the personal items.  Removing the personal pictures, stockings, and Christmas cards would make this home suitable to show during the holidays season.

11 Piece Nativity Set

Via Wayfair

Some people would argue that Christmas is a religious holiday and thus can display their religious traditions.  The fact is however, the majority of people that celebrate the holidays do not celebrate the religious aspect to Christmas.  So unfortunately, your religious items need to be tucked away while your home is listed for the holidays.  Remember: you want to appeal to 80 to 90% of the population when your home is listed.


3.  Don’t Over Do It!  Pick 2 or 3 areas to decorate.

It’s fun to decorate our house for the holidays.  We’re having lots of guests over and we want to show off our decorations.  However, if we have our house listed for sale during the season, we want to keep the decorations down to a minimum.  Pick 2 or 3 areas at the most to decorate.

One area to pick for sure is your front entryway.  Choose a wreath or two matching planters to pop the curb appeal when potential buyers are driving by.

Decorate your mantel or your entry way table with one of the above stunning ideas.

Don’t Over Do It!

As cute as these spaces are, there is too much going on for people to see the rooms.  Remember, when you’re staging your house, you’re selling the space and the house’s features NOT the furnishings.  Once your house is sold, you can decorate to your heart’s content.  Good luck!

 Designer|Stager Tip: When you’re selling your house and you’re decorating your house for the holidays, make sure that you decorate your house AFTER the real estate pictures are taken.  You don’t want holiday pictures showing on your listing in mid-January or February if your house is still on the market.  Be sure to take down ALL holiday decorations by the end of December. Do not have decorations up in January if your house is still on the market.

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