2017 Top 5 Paint Colors To Sell Your Home

2017 Top 5 Paint Colors To Sell Your Home

Popular paint colors for staging colors come and go just like any trend.  A couple of years ago people were covering up their beige walls with gray.  Now you see this trend reversing itself.  The colder darker grays are definitely on their way out so you now see gray walls, especially “cool” darker walls being repainted for a lighter cooler gray, a warmer version of gray, commonly known as “greige”, or the most popular colors are a beige, creme or soft white.

When you’re selling your house, the walls should be neutral.  Neutral walls is the canvas like an artist’s canvas to create a masterpiece.  Its the backdrop to add the décor and accessories which will add pizzazz to the home.

The trending paint colors for staging your home to sell this year are beige, cream, a soft white.  Dark cool grays are out but light cool grays are still popular, especially in some areas.  But that’s why it’s important to go to open houses so you will know the trends in your particular neighborhood.

But of course with any trend, the tints and shades are different so your old beige may be dated by now. The warmer gray can also work depending on the tint.  If you bought gray furniture when gray furniture was the trend the beige may not work so a lighter version of gray may be the best fit for you.

Let’s take a look at the current trends and what would work best for your home:

2017 Top 5 Paint Color Choices:



Benjamin Moore OC-40 Albescent

Albescent is a soft beige that is considered an “off-white” by Benjamin Moore.  It is a versatile color that will be a great backdrop for paintings and accessories to show off a house’s best features.  Suitable with warm tones like beige furniture and oak flooring or oak cabinets.










Benjamin Moore OC-105 Calming Cream

Calming cream is a soft off-white with yellow undertones. This sophisticated and neutral cream is also part of Benjamin More’s “off-white” collection.  It is a warm color and for those that like “yellow”but its a staging safe color that will appeal to all buyers unlike a true yellow.









Benjamin Moore OC-17 White Dove


Benjamin Moore’s White Dove is quickly replacing Simply White and Cloud White as a popular white favorite.  White is becoming a favorite staging color among new construction.  It  looks clean and fresh when white is used, but its so important that the staging of the home is done properly.  Otherwise the home could potentially come across as cold. White Dove can also be used for ceilings and trims.











Benjamin Moore HC-171 Wickham Gray

For those that have cool colored floors, fixed cool elements like stainless steel appliances and fixtures,  or gray furniture, Benjamin Moore’s Wickham Gray is a “cool” gray that is light and neutral.  It will create the perfect backdrop for artwork and accessories.












Benjamin Moore OC-27 Balboa Mist

What is greige?  “Greige” is a color that is a warm gray.  A cross between beige and gray thus the name “greige”.  It’s a great neutral that will work with all types of furnishings and spaces.  It’s a safe color to choose for staging your home.  Especially if you have a mix of “cool” and “warm” colored furniture and fixtures in your home.










Benjamin Moore HC-172 Revere Pewter




Benjamin Moore HC-173 Edgecomb Gray



Benjamin Moore HC-81 Manchester Tan


Revere Pewter has been a popular color choice for staging for years.  It is a warm grey which means its in the “greige” family.  So its very suitable if you have furniture & accessories in the beige tones. However, with the current trend towards lighter wall colors, it can be a touch dark.  A better choice might be to go one shade lighter which is Edgecome Gray.

Manchester tan is also a very popular tried and true tan or beige.  One of Benjamin Moore’s top sellers! It’s a little darker than the top 5 choices but can also suitable for selling your home.

“Some neighborhoods are leaning towards lighter colors while others use the shade or two darker version of their trendy counterparts. That’s why it’s so important to go to open houses to see what’s going on in your neighborhood!!!  A beige or gray that is too dark could tell potential buyers that the rest of the house is dated!”  Debi Carser

Designer Tip:  NEVER PICK PAINT COLORS FROM A COMPUTER! Colors are NEVER 100% accurate.

The best way to choose color is to get the color chips from a store and hang them on the wall.   Once you have narrowed down your selection to one or two paint colors, go a spend $5 on  small can of paint and paint 2 posters each for 1 paint color.  Put your newly painted posters up on different walls for a day or two and see what color shows off your home best and your complements your furniture.  Paint looks different on different walls depending on the time of day that the light is shining or not, and also what direction your window faces i.e. north, south, east or west.

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Debi-Carser-Add-Value-To-Your-HomeDebi Carser is a Designer, Stager & Renovator.  For over 10 years she has been helping clients make their home stunning. She has staged over 100  homes helping clients make money beyond their expectations. She has bought several “fixer uppers” and either flipped them for a healthy profit or turned them into profitable rental properties. Come follow her as she shares her tips & secrets along the way.

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  • Danielle Eilender

    I like these colors, however, it looks like a commercial for Benjamin Moore..What are the equivalent paints at Sherwin Williams??? I agree with a previous comment mentioning the fact that contractors often only include BW in their bids for a job. Estimates from FEMA (Houston … Harvey) barely cover the cost of SW, definitely not BM…
    Thank you for giving us suggestions about SW paints.

    • Hi Danielle – thanks for your feedback. The post is not meant to be an ad for Benjamin Moore – lol. Alot of painters like BM and some homeowners say they are not near a Sherwin Williams store. I will do a post this month for Sherwin Williams colors. Thanks for your feedback Danielle. I really appreciate it!!!

  • Brooke Hansen

    Hi Debi.

    Love this post. I have been trying to pick a new paint color for the exterior of our home for it feels like years. I too think Gray is on it’s way out and have been looking at Greigs and they are either to plain Jane, too pink, too purple etc. Do you have any suggestions for a clean warm coastal exterior color pallet. We live in Santa Barbara, CA. Our house is wood and stucco. Our interior is Coastal Modern. Blues, White, Sisal. Thank you for your brilliance! Brooke

    • Hi Brooke – I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. It’s really hard to pick colors without seeing pictures. I do color consults. Please email me for my rates and how the process works! Thanks for your kind comments!

  • Cyndia Moore

    Wish you had colors for Sherwin Williams. That’s all the painters here want to use, since that’s the local store, and they have to drive to a nearby town to get Benjamin Moore paint.

  • Karen

    Enjoyed this post!
    Can you comment on exteriors?

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