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A $100 Room Challenge – Yikes!!!  Who thought of that?

Actually, Erin Meyers of Lemons, Lavender and Laundry is the brain child of the $100 Room Challenge where you pick one room in your home and you have 30 days to do a makeover with a mere $100. Erin started this challenge with several bloggers and it was so successful, they opened it up to other designer|bloggers two years ago.

After first it seemed impossible, how do you makeover a room for $100?  But once I put my creative juices to work, I have come up with a plan that I think know will work.

I picked my office because I spent so much time there and it has become a dumping ground for whatever doesn’t have a home.  I use skype alot talking to clients & students so I’m always apologizing how my office looks behind me.  I want to stop apologizing and be proud of my space.

So as embarrassing as this is going to be to show the before pictures, here they are:






















































So there it is.  It’s all out there now.  I feel totally exposed.

There’s a bit too much furniture in this room which makes the space appear small.  It has become a dumping ground as you can see.  I have staging furniture parked in the office because I’ve run out of room in my storage.

The furniture is such a mix match, it needs a more cohesive look.  The room definitely needs more light, the curtains need to be hung properly.  Did you notice the cool Christmas ribbon as a tie back on one of the curtains? – lol

Here’s the to do list over this month:

  1. Scape popcorn off the ceiling – because its so much fun
  2. Touch up paint
  3. Rearrange the office furniture for a better flow
  4. Make a desk from an old door
  5. Reorganzie the closet space in order to properly pack items away
  6. Properly hang curtains
  7. Put up anew light and more lights.
  8. Upholster a desk chair

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Debi Carser, Designer, Stager, Aging In Place SpecialistI’m Debi Carser. Designer. Stager. Renovator. Downsizing Seniors & Aging-in-Place Specialist. For over 12 years I have been helping clients decorate their homes, turning them into stunning retreats. I have helped hundreds of clients make money beyond their wildest expectations with my “Add Value to Your Home” expertise, and staged their homes to look like they came straight out of a magazine. I have bought several “fixer-uppers” and either flipped them for a healthy profit or turned them into profitable rental properties. Come follow me as I share my tips & secrets along the way.


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